Runners on a Dime offers courier serviceS, as well
as mobile notary services.

Runners on a Dime is your full service courier in the greater Las Vegas area with runs starting as low as $10.00.  Runners on a Dime does not require the client to pay a monthly fee in order to utilize its services. Runners on a Dime understands that the client cannot predict what run requests it may have each month; therefore, Runners on a Dime performs its services on terms that meet the client's specific needs.

Runners on a Dime offers regularly scheduled service or service on an as-needed-basis. Runners on a Dime has clients who utilize its services on a daily-basis and other clients who only utilize its services on an emergency basis (e.g., under tight deadlines and/or in-house runners are unavailable). Runners on a Dime also has clients where the primary function is to check and retrieve documents from the court folders at the RJC and Family Court. This allows the clients to have peace of mind knowing that the documents placed in their court folders are being received for proper handling.

WHY PAY MORE WHEN WE RUN FOR LESS? For great, fast and reliable runner service at a low price, give Runners on a Dime a try!

Now accepting credit card payments through PayPal.


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